Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fixing a Pastepaper Disaster

Sometimes pastepaper turns out amazing, sometimes not so much. My pastepaper is pretty hit or miss. I often have lovely sections that will work just fine for covering a book or adding accent pages. Some pages just sit in storage because they just aren't anything special.

Most of the time, I make envelopes out of the extra (see my tutorial here). In a moment of recklessness, I decided to sacrifice a sheet to the printer. It turns out, you can print on pastepaper!

It was super simple. Here are a few steps:

1. Determine what size your finished pastepaper will be. Mine is going into a 5x7 book, so my paper needs to be 10x7.
2. Then I found a little flourish online and made sure it was available for personal use.
3. Then open your design in Illustrator and convert it to vector so you can size it without losing quality.
4. Finally, send it to print. I have an Epson and it accepted my paper just fine.

Tip: If you want to be sure to have an even print, spray your paper with a little water and run an iron over it on low heat.

I think these will make lovely endsheets.

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